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Not Enough Free Memory to Run Applications in Windows

I am receiving an error message stating there is not enough free memory to run a program in Windows. What is wrong and how do I fix it?
When a program is running on your computer, the program needs a certain amount of random access memory (RAM). Sometimes a program will not release the RAM after it has been closed. This can cause your computer to generate an "out of memory" error message. To fix this:
  1. Close some of the programs currently running. Some possible ways to close programs are:
    • From the File drop-down list, select Exit.
    • In the system tray:
      1. Right-click the icon of program you would like to stop.
      2. If available, select one of the following: Exit, Quit, Close, Close Window or End.
    • Use the task manager. For instructions, see Ending a Task in Windows.
  2. If the problem continues, restart your computer. This will force all programs to release the RAM.
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