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Managing Spam when Forwarding VT Google Apps Mail by Creating a Filter

After setting my VT Google Apps Mail account to forward to a different email account, I do not receive email that Google marks as Spam. How do I force messages marked as Spam to forward to a different email account?
  • There are multiple methods to manage spam in your VT Google Apps Mail account. For other suggestions, see VT Google Apps Mail Mailbox Management.
  • These directions will only forward new spam that arrived after the filter was set, not email messages that were already marked as spam. For instructions on forwarding messages that are currently in your Spam folder, see Stopping Email from Going to Spam in VT Google Apps Mail.
  • If you are forwarding to your Virginia Tech Exchange account, then any email forwarded as a result of this filter will arrive in the Junk Email folder of your Virginia Tech Exchange account.

To manage spam by creating a filter:

  1. Go to the VT Google Apps Web page.
  2. In the Username: text box, type your Virginia Tech PID.
  3. In the Password: text box, type your Google password.
  4. Click the Sign in button.
  5. In the top-right corner of the screen, click the Settings button.
  6. Note: The Settings button is represented by a gear.
  7. From the drop-down list, select Settings.
  8. Select the Filters tab.
  9. Click the Create a new filter link.
  10. In the Has the words text box, type: in:spam
  11. Click the Create filter with this search link.
  12. You will receive a message about the filter not being applied to the Inbox. Click OK.
  13. Place a check in the Never send it to Spam check box.
  14. Click the Create filter button.

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