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Clearing an Exchange User's Cached Email Address in Outlook for Windows

How do I clear an Exchange user's cached email address in Outlook for Windows?

If you are receiving email bounceback errors for an Exchange user's address that you previously were able to send mail to, that Exchange user has likely switched to a Calendar-Only Exchange account. You will need to clear the previous Exchange email address for that user from any location where it might be cached and retype the correct email address. The correct email address will be [PID] instead of [PID]

To clear the cached email address from common places in Outlook:

  1. Delete the address from AutoComplete by following the instructions at How to reset the nickname and the automatic completion caches in Outlook.
  2. Update the Outlook address book by following the instructions at [Exchange] How to update the Global Address Book in Outlook.
  3. If a distribution list contains an Exchange user's previous email address, delete the incorrect email address and then add the correct email address.

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