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Configuring a Client to Access VT Google Apps Mail

How do I set up or configure a desktop email client to access my VT Google Apps Mail?

4Help recommends you access VT Google Apps Mail with a Web browser by following the instructions at Checking or Viewing Your VT Google Apps Mail Email.

To use a desktop email client with VT Google Apps Mail, follow the instructions at the appropriate link below:

Google provides documentation for all Google-supported desktop and mobile email clients on their interactive Get started with IMAP and POP3 help page.

The user name in Google's documentation is referred to as Instead, you will always use but replace ABC with your own PID. The password will be the one you created when you set up the VT Google Apps Mail account. If you have forgotten your password, follow the instructions at Changing or Resetting Your VT Google Apps Account Password.

Note: If you are repeatedly prompted for your user name and password or if you are getting errors such as "Invalid credentials" or "Web login required", follow the instructions at Using Captcha when Repeatedly Prompted for Credentials or Receiving "invalid credentials" or "web login required" when Accessing VT Google Apps Mail.

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