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Ensemble CMS Support of PHP and MySQL

Does Ensemble CMS support PHP and MySQL?

Instead of combining PHP with MySQL to create database-driven Web sites, Ensemble CMS uses Java and an Oracle database to do the same thing.

The PHP/MySQL combination produces pages when the client browser requests the page, which results in large server loads. Ensemble CMS uses a publishing schedule executed on the application servers that does not impact Web server performance.

Ensemble CMS cannot replace every need for PHP/MySQL, but it can produce pages that auto-index content in a particular folder, such as RSS feeds.

If your preference for PHP is the only thing keeping you from considering the CMS, contact 4Help by using the Help Request Form to explain the functionality you want in the CMS. Upon receiving the form, we will determine the feasibility of your request.

Note: Some sites use Ensemble CMS for their static content and a separate site (subdomain) within the Web Hosting Service environment to support PHP/MySQL applications.

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