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User Information Not Found Error in Alumni Directory

When I try to log on to the Alumni Directory, I receive a "User Information Not Found" error message. What is wrong and what should I do?

If you received the following error message, then you have chosen to have your record at Virginia Tech kept confidential, and your data was not sent to the Alumni Directory:

"User Information Not Found" The web site feature you are trying to access requires that we locate certain account information in our database. Unfortunately, this information was not found. This is not your fault, but we cannot proceed without this information. Try again a little later... it may be a temporary problem. Meanwhile, the system has sent the technical details of this error to a system administrator. If the problem does not seem to be going away, please contact your organization administrator. "Sorry for the inconvenience."

For information on resetting your confidentiality option, refer to Displaying or Concealing Your Personal Information.

The Alumni office uses a third-party company to store and display the Alumni Directory. It may take a few weeks before your new information synchronizes with the company's data.

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