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"Warning: No output destinations active" Message when Running SAS

I just ran a SAS program and no output was displayed. The SAS log shows "WARNING: No output destinations active." What should I do?
You are receiving this error message for one of the following reasons:
  • You ran the ODS LISTING CLOSE command in the Program Editor that turns off the default listing output. To fix this:
    1. Start SAS.
    2. In the SAS Program Editor window, for the first statement of your SAS program, type: ODS LISTING;
    3. Run your SAS program again.
  • You deactivated the Listing Output option. To fix this:
    1. Start SAS.
    2. From the Tools drop-down list, select Options.
    3. Select Preferences.
    4. Place a check in the Create Listing check box.
    5. Close the Preferences window.
    6. Run your SAS program again.
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