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Received VT Google Apps Mail Quota Warning Email Message

I received an email message warning me about a quota on my VT Google Apps Mail account. What does this mean, and what should I do?

You received this warning message because you have surpassed your allotted disk space storage of 25 GB on the VT Google Apps Mail server. You may have reached your quota if you received one or more messages containing a large attachment, you received an unusually large number of messages since the last time you checked your email, or if you have not been deleting old email messages.

To delete messages from the server:

  1. Go to the Google Apps for Virginia Tech Web page.
  2. In the Username: text box, type your Virginia Tech PID.
  3. In the Password: text box, type your Google password.
  4. Click the Sign in button.
  5. Select the email messages you want to delete.
    • To select one or more individual messages, next to each email message that you want to delete, place a check in the appropriate check box.
    • To select all messages on a page, in the top-left of the screen, click the Select button.
    • Note: The Select button is represented as an empty check box.
  6. Click the Delete button.
  7. Note: The Delete button is represented as a trash can.

If you want to keep the messages, but you do not currently use an email client to check your email, refer to the VT Google Apps Mail page.

For more information about the VT Google Apps Mail quota, refer to VT Google Apps Mail Mailbox Management.

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