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Accessing Your Virginia Tech Network-Attached Storage (NAS) in Mac OS

How do I access my Virginia Tech Network-Attached Storage (NAS) in Mac OS?
  1. If you have not already created your NAS, follow the instructions at Creating Your Virginia Tech Network-Attached Storage (NAS).
  2. Start Finder.
  3. From the Finder drop-down list, select Preferences....
  4. Click the General icon.
  5. Under Show these items on the desktop:, place a check in the Connected servers check box.
  6. Close the preferences window.
  7. From the Go drop-down list, select Connect to Server....
  8. Use the connection method that applies to the type of NAS you are trying to access.
    • If you are accessing your personal NAS, in the Server Address: text box, type: smb://storage.vt.edu/ABC/XYZ Replace ABC with mystore or mystore2, as appropriate. To find your mystore location, see Determining the Location of My Virginia Tech Network-Attached Storage (NAS). Replace XYZ with your own Hokies ID.
    • If you are accessing a departmental NAS:
      • For an SMB connection, in the Server Address text box, type: smb://storage.vt.edu/ABC Replace ABC with the name of your department's NAS.
  9. Click the Connect button.
  10. Select the Registered User radio button.
  11. In the Name: text box, type: HOKIES\ABC but replace ABC with your own Hokies ID.
  12. In the Password: text box, type your Hokies ID password. If you have forgotten your password, follow the instructions at Forgot Hokies ID Password.
  13. Click the Connect button. An icon representing your NAS space will be created on your desktop. The icon will be titled differently depending on the type of NAS space to which you have connected.
    • If you have connected to a personal NAS space, the icon will be titled with your Hokies ID.
    • If you have connected to a departmental NAS space, the icon will be titled with the name of the NAS space.


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