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Power Outage

2/25/16 1:45p update:  All services have now been restored. 

2/25/16 8a update: All buildings have network connectivity restored this morning, with the exception of:

  • Unmanned Systems Laboratory
  • Deer Pens Apartment/Lab
  • Mollusk Research Building

Multiple buildings impacted by power issues.  We have NO ETA.  

  • Ecosystem Simulation Lab
  • Milking Barn
  • Animal Husbandry Barn
  • Aquaculture Facility
  • Fiber And Electro-Optics Research Center
  • Architecture Demonstration And Research Facility
  • Kroehling Advanced Materials Foundry
  • Mining And Minerals Laboratory (2)
  • Unmanned Systems Laboratory
  • Swine Center Building
  • Geotechnical Laboratory Facility
  • Soccer Field Enclosure
  • Ag Engineering Building
  • CE Structural Testing Lab (2)
  • Police Horse Stables
  • Deer Pens Apartment/Lab
  • Sheep Barn
  • Mollusk Research Building
  • Women'S Softball Press Box
  • Judging Pavilion
  • Golf Course Club House
  • Alphin-Stuart Arena
Service Info [Resolved]

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