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Data Center Outage - 5/19

Data Center Outage - 5/19 

  • At about 11:12AM on Wednesday 5/19.2016, one of our storage networks went down – the reason for this is still being investigated. This led to a cascade of resets that separated ~100 virtual machines from the network. Impacted services included:
    • Inbound and outbound email
    • Ensemble CMS
    • Web hosting, including
    • Applications that rely on the older service for logging in
    • Banner
  • Work to restore began immediately, and most services began to come back up by mid-afternoon. Delivery of all backlogged email was complete by 9pm.
  • There was a second brief outage of in the evening, resulting from an aborted attempt to bring up's failover site at UVa. Once the settings were restored to normal, the site was restored at approximately 8:20pm.

We are continuing our review of this incident across units, and will continue to share information as it becomes available. Thank you all for your patience during this outage. If anyone is experiencing continued problems, please let us know. 

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