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Network Infrastructure and Services (NI&S)

Network Infrastructure and Services (NI&S) provides leading edge telecommunications services in support of the instructional, research and outreach missions of Virginia Tech. NI&S delivers voice, data and video services to all segments of the University community. For more information, see the Communications Network Services Web site.

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Bulk Add Members to VT Google Groups

For instructions, see Bulk Add Members to VT Google Groups.

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Announcements from Virginia Tech’s 4Help

For updates on Virginia Tech Exchange and Google Apps Mail email, see Virginia Tech Email Announcements and News.

March 23, 2016: Wireless enhancements coming May 17th: easier guest access & eduroam replaces VT-Wireless

Wireless enhancements implemented this spring will support eduroam as the primary wireless network on the Virginia Tech campus for all students, faculty, and staff. eduroam provides the same level of service on campus as VT-Wireless and makes it easier to get and stay connected, whether you’re on campus or visiting an institution in one of the 76 territories around the world where eduroam is available, including the University of Queensland in Brisbane, Australia. Once you’ve connected at the Blacksburg campus, simply use your Virginia Tech wireless username ( and network password to connect at any eduroam location.

On May 17, 2016, the VT-Wireless SSID (service set identifier) will be retired to simplify wireless on campus and enable a strong focus on eduroam. All Virginia Tech employees and individuals affiliated with the university who use wireless Internet access on campus should make sure they connect using eduroam before the end of the 2016 spring semester. You can connect by following the instructions at Connecting to Virginia Tech Wireless eduroam.

Also on May 17th, a new SSID called VirginiaTech will be available, providing a streamlined way to connect to the network. When subscribed to the university wireless network service, employees can use the VirginiaTech SSID to initially configure their devices and connect to eduroam. Department-sponsored or non-sponsored guests will also use the VirginiaTech SSID and connect. The CONNECTtoVT-WIRELESS SSID will be retired to make way for this improved service.

For any questions or help, contact 4Help at or by calling (540) 231-4357.

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Archiving Avaya Messaging Voicemail Messages in Outlook 2013

How do I archive Avaya messaging voicemail messages in Outlook 2013?
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Handling of Compromised Accounts or Machines by Virginia Tech Information Technology

How does Virginia Tech Information Technology handle compromised accounts or machines?
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Resetting Forgotten Virginia Tech Avaya Voicemail Password

I forgot my voicemail password for my Virginia Tech Avaya telephone. How do I reset the voice mail password as a member of Virginia Tech?
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VT Google Apps Security and Privacy

See VT Google Apps Security and Privacy.

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VT Google Apps Accessibility

See the VT Google Apps Accessibility knowledge page.

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VT Google Apps

Virginia Tech has paired with Google to offer VT Google Apps, a suite of email and collaboration services, through the Google Apps for Education program.

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Unified Communications

Virginia Tech’s campus telephone and voice mail system that enables the university community to access new and emerging communications technologies is referred to as Unified Communications (UC). The UC system provides real-time communication services like telephony, instant messaging, presence, video calling, and conferencing along with non-real-time communications such as voicemail, voicemails to email (unified messaging), and fax.

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